Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

We were just going to have left-overs. We hadn't planned anything special... but last minute I decided to run to the store and grab some stuff to make a nice dinner. It is top secret, but I'll tell you it involves rib-eye and pioneer woman... well not exactly the woman herself, but her website.

I got to sleep in until 9 today (this is major when you have kids). I went running. I am now showered and clean (the only proper way to leave a decade, right?) I survived the new year's eve supermarket last minute rush with NO obsecenities... ok, maybe a few remarks under my breath, but it was very zen-like. We'll have a nice dinner some champagne (not necessarily at midnight, but... you know, we are old)... and just like that 2009 will be over.

I have no resolutions. Normally I joke that I only make suggestions for my husband's improvement because I have already achieved perfection. Of course, that is false false false, but I get a good laugh over it. I don't like resolutions, it is too much pressure... and really, how can I top a Ph.D. in 2009.

However, if I had one hope for myself for the next decade it would be to learn how to embrace happiness in the moment. It sounds so simple, but sheesh it is hard for me to accomplish.

embrace happiness... embrace happiness... embrace happiness (that and be more patient, less bossy, less controlling, more flexible, more fun, more spontaneous... which are all, of course, intertwined)

That is my mantra for the next decade. (which is a pretty tall order for an anti-resolution).

Whatever you have planned or not, whatever you resolve to do or not, I hope you have a smashing good time tonight, bring with you all that was good in 2009, leave behind all that was negative in 2009, tomorrow you re-start the clock with a clean slate.

(and know this my bloggy friends, connecting more with some of you via blogging has been one of my highlights of 2009, so I will think of you tonight and hope that you are embracing happiness in your square foot of the universe)



Phoenix said...

Embrace happiness...indeed. We so deserve to in these times, don't we? I feel we are obligated to grab every last bit of sunshine, make the conversations with our friends over dessert last just a little bit longer...and treat ourselves like we would want to treat others. It's always the reverse for women. :)

Happy New Year to you and those you love, Annje. May 2010 bring blessing upon blessing into such a strong heart as yours.

Danielle said...

What a good point! We all need to just be happy in the moment.
I think it would be hard to top the Ph.D.
This blog world has been a great source of social interaction for me this year too and I thank you for all the great posts!
Josh said he feels like he knows you from reading your blog. I do too! I don't type much since I'm a big picture person and don't like how I sound in writing or on recording so it's probably harder to get an accurate picture of me. Oh well I guess. I enjoyed the picture you painted of the things in your life. You're a wonderful person and I salute you! (this all started when you were so kind to give those darling outfits to Mckayla and I didn't even know you!)

mosey along said...

I will try to embrace happiness alongside you. We both deserve it!

And let me know how the rib-eye turns out. I made PW's pork tenderloin on Christmas and it was beyond scrumptious.

Happy New Year, my friend.

Margaret said...

You did it again Doc Annje! Embrace Happiness... a good goal for us all! May you lead us all into a better decade! OK- maybe that's too tall an order? So let's just say I'll try my darnedest to join in on that front!
And I also agree with the pleasure I have received through blog-interaction this past year!
Happy 2010 to you and yours!

Abby said...

Happy New Year Annje! It's been great getting to know you through your blog and I look forward to more posts in 2010. :)