Thursday, October 14, 2010

Shipping News

Have you read that book? It is good, but slow, and not at all what this post is about.

It is not that I have been lazy about blogging, I promise, just busy keeping the kids from chasing the cats and being loud and touching things and running or jumping... just being kids, generally, which seems to be annoying to people who don't have kids... but they will soon, so they will see.... haha, the joke is on them...

We have had some delightfully informative conversations about parenting and discipline where I like to say: "Yes, that is brilliant... in theory" ... and then I chuckle knowingly to myself.

The good news is that we finally shipped our boxes. Our final pile looked like this:

We debated and fretted about what company to use for shipping and finally decided that one of the port-to-port alternatives we found (recommended by friends in Costa Rica)would be cheaper and much more straight-forward. It does mean that we had to take our boxes to Houston (the port) and we will have to pick them up in Valparaiso (Port in Chile).

In the end it feels like any method of shipping you use and any company you contract, you end up genuflecting, silently blessing your boxes, closing your eyes and just hoping it all works out. But it feels SOOO good to finally have that taken care of.

They were organized on three pallets and shrink wrapped and measured and weighed. There is about 10 cubic meters and probably over 3000 pounds.

It kind of looks like a lot of boxes, so it is surprising how useless most of it is in terms of setting up a house. It is all books and tools, some kitchen stuff and a few toys.

The tools part was fun! I tried not to question what my hubs wanted to bring... I mean, I have boxes and boxes of books and I was adamant about bring other things(kitchen) that I know will be hard to find. So I tried not to be judgmental about the tools. But I found myself asking: "Really, there won't be shovels in Chile?" and "Where will you store that enormous and very heavy extension ladder?" and exactly what and where will you be digging with those three pick-axes?" But my hubs loves garden tools. What can you do?

The worst part was that every time I said we had to be packing, he'd start organizing his tools. It brought us close to divorce and nearly drove me insane. Now when people ask him what he is going to miss most I jump in and say "his wife."

One day he spent a good 20 minutes trying to take the head off of a rake-with different drill bits and then a saw and I said "really? is this a good use of time? how are you going to reassemble that?". I finally had to put my foot down and make him do something useful or die a slow and painful death. I am bossy and make very unrealistic threats to get my way. It is the only way to get things accomplished, I have found.

We are almost ready to fly... just have to get a hold of the consulate. I wish they would answer the phone.


mosey said...

Consulates are your best friend while sucking largely at the same time. Good luck with the last bits and pieces.

Wahhhhhhh! Don't go! Okay go, if you must. But I am NOT kidding - I will be there once all the tools and books are put away.

Dee said...

I am impressed by that fact that you were able to prioritize the items to go and leave. I am not good at that and I know I will need to be should we ever make our cross hemisphere move. I would have wanted to take it all. Such I pack rat I am!

Danielle said...

It never fails. I always get in a good laugh or two when I read your blog! The part about the rake head, LOL! Good luck to you! I hope you have all that you need in your kitchen and all the reading you can handle. The part about "a few toys" scares me. What are the kids going to do while your reading and cooking? You could maybe keep them busy with that rake...

Maggie May said...

oh can i relate on the husband aspect.

good luck with making it all come together, han gin there!

teamawesomesquared said...

Good for you for speaking up about the packing. As a chronic procrastinator myself (this comment is a case in point), sometimes I forget to appropriately prioritize my actions to achieve a goal. I little guidance never hurt anyone. ;)

I hope we hear soon where in Chile you will be living and all of the adventures you are sure to experience when you arrive. I'm very excited for you!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I love my husband, very much, but every once in a while something like your "rake" interaction will occur and it will feel like we are from two different planets. That being said, sometimes I am the one dismantling the rake... Yes, it is true. When large projects must be tackled I find myself very easily distracted. I'm such a pain sometimes.