Monday, October 13, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!

When we found out our first child was going to be a GIRL my husband was somewhat relieved: "It'll be easier for you" he said (nervously). He knows I have issues with men (in fact he said once that I would probably be more comfortable as a lesbian)

Issues with men? you say, SAY IT AIN'T SO! (try to sound shocked)

I was raised Mormon, and if there is any place to feel the slings and arrows of gender discrimination it is in religion.

My brothers got Father and son camp-out

I got "Daddy-daughter-dinner date"

I was incensed at girl's camp as a teenager that there had to be a priesthood holder (a man!) at the camp with us. I highly doubt there was a motherhood representative at boy's camp.

Mormon young men go on missions at age 19. Women are only encouraged to go at 21 if they are not married by then (can you say old maid?)

As a Mormon young woman you go to college really only to meet your husband. Maybe deep down that is one of the reasons I am going for a Ph.D.--because it was never expected that you would get that far.

You know religions are created by MEN when:

***God is a man.

***God's power is expressed through men.

***and the immaculate conception... a woman gives birth

and is still a virgin--

doesn't that sound like every man's fantasy? (a tad irreverent, I know)

.......and don't even get me started on men and politics/war/business

So YES!!!!!!, I have issues with men

Has it been easy having a girl? That is another story altogether. . .


and every bit as SASSY as her mama

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