Monday, January 5, 2009

Dabbling in Fashion

I am not a fashionista, so I may be mistaken, but I am going to go out on a limb, anyway, to say that the skinny pant DOES NOT look good on men… of any size, shape, or physique.

I have seen women who can pull it off, Audrey Hepburn (the Gap commercial WAS awesome!) and the like. But seriously, you have to be model skinny, or else others suspect you have a highly inaccurate self-perception, and you have to have a very modern, chic look and money to buy all the accessories, or else you look like you are still wearing your pants from 1989.

I do not have the legs for the skinny pant. First, I am short. Second, my “cankles” are roughly the circumference of my thighs, and I can think of no reason why I would want to accentuate that. I am actually quite dismayed that they even made a comeback… what’s next? Stirrups and bodysuits? I won’t wear them; I am making a stand right now.

Why the sudden skinny-pant-outcry? (I know they came out a few years ago, it takes me a while to build up to a rant... if this is a rant. I am not sure) I’ll tell you… I was sitting at a red light last weekend, minding my own business, not looking for a blog post at all, when some guy rode by on a bicycle… wearing the skinny pant.

I suspect he was going for this look:

But, really, this look only “works” for this guy, as he is strangely hilarious or hilariously strange or… something.

And it definitely doesn't work on a bicycle.


bernthis said...

Found you through Marink-

Well at least he didn't risk having his pant leg getting caught in the spokes...right? that is something, isn't it?

Beesko said...

Annje, It's a good thing I have an excuse for incontinence(just had a baby) because I think I just peed my pants laughing! You are a riot! I love to read your blog.