Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Confession # 3

I realized that I haven't confessed anything for a while. Not because I am sinless, mind you, but maybe because it is hard to come to grips with things you think other people will judge you for.

So, here it is..................

I don't let my husband read my blog.

I don't want him to read it. I don't want to edit myself thinking he might not like what I write.

I didn't even tell him I had one for a few months. I did most of my writing, furtively, listening for his footsteps coming down the hall. Everytime he would come in the room while I was writing, I would surreptitiously close my browser window.

He had no idea. Then he saw an email where someone commented on my blog and he said:

"You have a blog?"

uuuuuuhhhhmmmm.......... yeeeeesssss (slowly)

"Oh, let me see!" (all of the sudden, curious and interested in what I do on the computer)

uuuuuuhhhhhmmm.................... nooooooo

"come on"


"come on, let me see it"


"why not?"

'cuz' it's mine!

"Why?... do you talk about me?

Not that much

And so it has gone. I have read him a few posts that were about him, just to show him that it was not a hubby-basher-blog. Every once in a while he'll try to convince me to let him see it, but I have remained firm. He threatens to go find it himself. But I just laugh because he would have no idea how to do that. He is horribly bad at Google searches, and he wouldn't know what to put in as his search words anyway. He'd enter: where is my wife's blog?

Plus, he doesn't REALLY understand what a blog is or how they work.

I know this because he keeps asking me for my password--which I have repeatedly told him he doesn't need to access my blog.

He also says these weird things when I head for the bedroom to get on the computer, like he's trying to mock me and my most recent past-time:

"Oh are you going to blog somebody?"

And I just laugh and kindly inform him that "blog somebody" is not the correct usage of the verb (haha)

So, is that wrong? (not mocking his blog-norance (blog-ignorance) but keeping it from him?)

I tell him I am keeping it from him for his own good.... since he doesn't like to read that much.

I am nothing if not considerate...

(I won't tell my mother either... she'd leave comments longer than my blog posts and then I'd have to start moderating comments and I just don't have time to moderate all the comments I get! haha)


moseyalong said...

You gave me my chuckle of the day. It's a touchy subject to be sure. (There was a good episode about it over on Momversation a while back)

My husband started only reading my blog occasionally when I'd give him a heads-up that he might like to see the current post. This after I inadvertently posted a picture that showed his butt crack in all its glory. (Don't go looking for it, I removed it!) Needless to say, he was not pleased, and I had to take a pause and realize that I need to be oh-so-careful with both the words and the images I was posting.

And there.

Now I've written a comment longer than your post.

Danielle said...

It is your blog. Do what you want with it. As long as I get to keep reading it, whatever you choose is fine :)

bernthis said...

my rents have never read mine and never will. my sister never does and I want her to. Go figure. Tell your hubby he is more than welcome to stop by mine. LOL