Friday, March 20, 2009

Marital Bliss (part 1)

My husband has this annoying habit, (I call it a major character flaw, but whatever) of trying to find a way of blaming me for something he is responsible for.

Sometimes it is a serious offense, but sometimes it is downright silly and laughable.

Take for instance the other day… I was outside with the kids enjoying a beautifully balmy evening when he got home from work. Busy bee that he is, he immediately wants to re-pot our Christmas Cactus. I am hanging with the kids as he goes to get it from the kitchen. He repots it as I give the baby a bottle and push G in the swing.

As I go to take some things into the house I notice the door is wide open. Flies are starting to appear and I hate them buzzing around the house. So I say: “Hon, you left the door wide open; all the flies are going to come in.”

(He says I said it too “mean”,—which I am known to do—I just sound way more intense than I feel for some reason—like I am making a huge deal out of a small thing)

So he says, almost without even thinking: “I had my hands full. Why didn’t you close it? I thought it would occur to you that I wouldn’t be able to close it and you would do it.”

Me: “WHAT??? How am I supposed to know that you left it open? You couldn’t ask me to shut it? Am I just supposed to read your mind?

Me: (what you think I am going to give him another turn?) Oh, and you can’t just say, ‘whoops, sorry’ you have to somehow make it my fault?”

So we had a little spat about whose logic is flawed (his, obviously) and whose responsibility it was to shut the door (his, obviously).

We weren’t yelling, per se, but there was a tone of heated annoyance—which gets the kids’ attention right away—so we dropped it—since it was stupid anyway.

But I kept laughing at him all night, sarcastically saying: “I thought it would occur to you… blah blah blah.”

I am a brat like that—but I hate when he does that.


anymommy said...

We could be married to long lost twins...?

bernthis said...

I'd still be married today if we behaved that way. what a great relationship you guys have, seriously.