Friday, May 15, 2009

OK I'm going... I'm going

Ok, so we are going to the Grand Canyon. We are flying. I have put aside my fears of defunct rental child safety seats--we will not be carrying those on the plane! (yay) (I hope my faith in things beyond my control is not squandered here--they better be in perfect working condition).

Naturally, buying the plane tickets, reserving the mini-van, reserving the hotel rooms (no easy feat at the Grand Canyon one week before traveling at the beginning of peak season), has been left in my hands. Abuelo tries to help, but he is from the generation that wants to go to the airport to buy a ticket. He is also from a country that has fewer inhabitants than the Grand Canyon has visitors in a year--so he was totally baffled when I told him (after calling and checking on the internet) that no single hotel could put us up for 6 nights straight with this short of notice. So we will be winging the lodging a little bit... and that's ok, even for this control freak.


I left gramps with both kids for a few hours the other day while I ran to the U to administer an early final. I left at nap-time and figured he'd be ok. It was fine in the sense that nothing bad happened, but when I came home G was in the front yard alone (just a few moments--but I am wary of even that), Nico was crying, and there were several messes to clean up. I had wanted to go have lunch today with a few friends who are graduating and leaving the country (back to their home countries) but I don't think I can do that again in good conscience. He does fine with one child, especially G who is 3.5, but taking care of two is hard, as even I can attest. So, I will not be lunching with the girls today--boo!


anymommy said...

Good for you! I've traveled loooonngg distances with three little ones and it has it's rough moments, but it's not awful. Do all the prep you can and then sit back and try and enjoy the trip!

Can't wait to hear all about it.

PS Carry lots of baby wipes ;-)

Danielle said...

I'm so glad you get to fly! That will be so much better. I'm sure it will be a great time. Sorry you missed lunch with the girls. It's important to have girl time. Anyway, have a good time and I hope all goes well. It's hard when we are control freaks to let things go how they will. I'm working on this too.