Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ahh summer... and the in -law

My semester of teaching is over... YAY!!

Last Saturday my suegro (father-in-law) arrived from Chile... to spend a MONTH visiting.

It is great when he visits. He SPOILS us. (even if he doesn't cook, clean or change diapers). He comes loaded with gifts, He takes us out to dinner, gets us all licquored up, and buys us gifts (not necessarily in that order).

Of course, he also pushes my comfort limits as far as outings with the kids. He's all: yes, let's go to a five star restaurant with two small tots... WAY PAST THEIR BEDTIME... no problem; they'll be fine! They are naturally fine, most of the time, but I am a nervous wreck the entire outing.

So this year he's all: Let's go to the GRAND CANYON!!! and I am all: "Yay, always wanted to go there... but... two small problems...they're called KIDS!" We'd have to drive. I don't even want to think about going by plane with two kids and all their gear and carseats blah blah blah. The Grand Canyon is one of those places you want to take your kids--but at an age they will remember it. Not at an age where you constantly have to worry if they will plummet off some precipice while you are snapping a picture of an awesome sunset.

Maybe I am a worry-wart (I AM!) but traveling 10 days in a rented mini-van with two kids and all the sleeping arrangements, eating arrangements, bottle-washing, potty-going, pit-stopping that it entails--- sounds like the very definition of hell.

My husband says that we can't be the first family to travel long distance with small kids, and I know he is right, but I also know that all the planning --the rentals, the reservation, the route, the scenic visits, the packing, the feeding, the washing, the sleep-prep, the meal-prep, the planned entertainment, etc--will rest on my shoulders. Maybe that is why he is so optimistic and laid-back about it (damn him).

Am I just being difficult? Please tell me... honestly... would you want to go?


Danielle said...

Sounds like a tough decision. It could be really fun or a total nightmare. You get the final say in whether you go or not right? I wish I could help. It's nice to have such a fun in-law though. If you have to find some light in the situation, I would be grateful I had the opportunity to chose to do something possibly fun or not. Good luck and enjoy his visit regardless :)

moseyalong said...

Are you an adventurous person by nature? Do you like travelling/roadtrips? If so, then I say go for it. Yes, it'll be tough and tiring and you may wonder WHY you got yourself into it. But you'll also give your kids an experience that, even though they may not remember the specifics when they get older, will demonstrate for them the joy of discovering new places and adventures, and getting to do it with you.

But. Make it a condition that your husband helps with the preparation, and don't be afraid to delegate!

(nice to see you back....)