Monday, September 21, 2009

As soon as I finish choking...

I will share the wisdom I have amassed in my

35!!! years of life

Do you ever feel too old to be where you are (wherever that is; whatever that means)

...and simultaneously...

...feel too young to have gone through all you have gone through and done all that you have done?

hmmmm... too deep for a Monday.

So pick your poison: chocolate, wine, Dairy Queen fries dipped in ranch... and celebrate a little in my honor.

As a bonus, if you come over I will give you a cupcake!*

*Note: I can safely offer to share my cupcakes only because I am pretty sure none of you lives close enough to take me up on it!


mosey along said...

Save me a cupcake, I'm headin' for the airport...

Happy Birthday!

(and curiously my word verifiction is "unwine" which I do NOT agree with at all)

Sara said...

Oooh! I like chocolate. Any type of chocolate. And I like cupcakes too. Are they chocolate cupcakes by chance?

Danielle said...

I'll take the DQ fries with a side of ranch and a cupcake with extra frosting for your birthday please ;) Hope it was a good one!