Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall... Slowly

(One of my favorite Fall pics from the pumpkin patch last October)

There were a few years, back when I was young and fanciful and hopping hemispheres that I skipped Fall for a few years:

Summer --left for Ecuador where it is always summer-ish

Came back for Christmas--stayed in Oregon for winter, spring, part of summer and then left for Chile.

Arrived in Chile for winter, spring, summer, went back to the U.S.

Visited the U.S. briefly for spring, spent much of the summer in Europe and flew back to Chile... where it was winter, spring, summer... and finally a FALL!

I have been thinking about Fall, lately. It is perhaps my favorite season. I like Spring, but Spring is more hustle and bustle. Spring is action and energy whereas Fall is...not. Fall is something else: slow and relaxed, a period of winding down and making yourself comfortable for Winter.

Here, in Texas, it is hard to say that we get a proper Fall, which is somewhat unfortunate. I would be happier living somewhere with a true Fall--but that will come later. We don't start getting clean, crisp mornings in September, our trees take a long time to finally lose their leaves and without much of a show. But we have glimpses. It is finally below 100 degrees... consistently. This week, temps have not risen much above 83 or so. The days are marked by big heavy dark billowing clouds, cooler breezes and big heavy rains. It is not the rain of summer, it is the rain of fall and that makes me happy (though it was still warm enough for the kids to go puddle-jumping.)

I don't know if we experience seasons on a psychological plane or if there is a biological component, but it is like my body can feel it is time for Fall, even if the temperatures outside won't necessarily cooperate... I won't be able to break out the sweaters for a few months (until about November.) But I still want to eat soups and stews and make homemade bread.

I found a recipe on a blog for a French version of mulled wine , which I am now dying for and will make as soon as we have an evening where it drops below 70. (It looks a little like the "recipe" for Vino navegado in Chile-yum).

I am also wanting to try a recipe I found in a magazine for pumpkin flan--doesn't that sound Fall-esque? (no link sorry, but if anyone wants the recipe I can send it)


Danielle said...

Man, is it that time already? I feel like summer just started. I do love fall though. I'm not looking forward to the cold winter however. Good luck with your pumpkin flan. Sounds great!

mosey along said...

Fall is very favourite season too, although the delight I take in it is always mixed with a little melancholy. But mulled wine and anything with pumpkin is sure to remedy that.

Cool days, crisp leaves...
I'm ready!