Thursday, October 29, 2009

Major and Minor Feats

Major Feat:

Today I handed my dissertation to my committee members. I got all of their signatures on the famous pink paper (it has to be pink--an important administrative detail). I then took the signature sheet, with sample sheets to be checked for format, to the graduate school, one step in one billion administrative steps that must carried out.

But the main thing is giving it to my committee. Now they read it! AHHHH! I defend in two weeks (cross your fingers for me). For some reason, I was so nervous just to give it to them, but now I feel this huge weight lifted. It is not over yet, but it still seems so surreal, even getting to this point. I know there will probably be some changes to be made, I am prepared for that, and left time, but just getting a version out has been a feat of major proportions.

Even the universe was looking out for me. Every day as I dropped my kids at daycare, I sent out my little prayer to the universe "Please don't let them pick up germs! Please don't let them call me about a fever!" When kids this age get sick, they are home for a week, in my experience. That would have meant minimal progress. But, they had nary a sniffle for two months in the germ factory. Today, Nico wakes up and pukes. But it doesn't matter. He gets to stay home and snuggle with papi as I take my "book" to its many destinations. I come home, there is no stress, I am ecstatic. We all take a nap and spend the afternoon together.

Minor Feat:

After weeks of postponing due to days of frantic writing, we finally get a start on the Halloween festivities. I finally got costumes, yesterday, after taking my baby to the printer--I am the bad mama who had to take whatever was left on the shelf. I am thankful that G will go as whatever I get her, she is not picky that way, but she is delighted with her costume. Nico doesn't care as long as it involves little work getting him in it.

I finally got a pumpkin and tonight we carved it. Look, see!


Katy said...

Congratulations on the thesis! I remember that feeling... enjoy the relaxation! And nice pumpkin carving btw!

Lucie said...

Congratulations! That must have felt so amazing dropping off that thesis! Was it for a masters or a phd? Now you can relax for a while and just enjoy halloween with your family :)

Last night I had to carve 20 pumpkins for a Halloween party I'm helping to organize for school so I was definitely into the Halloween spirit after all those pumpkins!

Happy Halloween!

Abby said...

I miss pumpkins! And good Halloween candy!!

I really like the face you carved on that pumpkin.

And most importantly, Congrats on the first step!! I know how good it felt to turn in my Honors Thesis. Huge weight off my shoulders. It's all mostly downhill from there!

mosey along said...

That is most definitely a major feat - what a feeling of accomplishment and relief (I'm assuming)! Congratulations.

We're slow on the Halloween prep too... have a FUN weekend!

Scottish Lass said...

Hi Annje - thanks for your comment on my Sits day. I have also popped by your blog after seeing your comments on Mosey Along - how fabulous you finished your dissertation!
What an achievement.
I will check back to see how 'your defense' goes.
Happy Halloween to you and yours.

Sara said...

Congrats on handing it in! That's so exciting! Good luck!

Cute pumpkin and kids as always :)

Margaret said...

Wait-- is everyone else missing the point? this is HUGE!! We're not talking about a mere thesis-- honors or otherwise--this is the **BIG IT** the DISSERTATION the granddaddy of them all--and you DID IT!
YAY for YOU!! I mean YAY!!
I am sooo happy for you (and sigh, admittedly envious)-- so enjoy your 2 weeks before the biggest of big days (academically speaking that is)... Let us know when it is so we can collectively send good international vibes your way! And be sure to carry something for good luck (I had my Chilean house key and a piece of lapis lazuli in my pocket when I defended the dissertation proposal)