Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Late Halloween pics

So, I am lame. I can't get pics up the day after a holiday.

We had an eventful weekend, in fact, I can't remember the last weekend where we did so many social events. Friday night we had a kid's b-day party at one of those inflatable jumping-gym deals. The kids loved it, especially the foam pit.

Saturday was Halloween. We went to a party at a neighbor's house. Most of the adults dressed up... except us. We are lame, I know. I didn't really have time to put anything together; I even got the kids' costumes late. I was bummed later that we hadn't dressed up, because it might be our last Halloween here for a while.

I usually don't dress up or decorate my house, but I like Halloween. I like it because it seems like the epitomy of Fall: pumpkins and pumpkin patches, hay-rides, crisp cool nights, brown crunchy leaves on the ground, the smell of fall in the air. I like seeing G's happiness at dressing up and going trick-or-treating. I like that there is not as much consumerism or religion attached, it is just simple and fun.

G was a fairy princess--or something like that.

She got a head-start on the candy-eating (I don't really let her eat very much).

Nico was a spider or spider-web. He wasn't feeling well and was very cranky.

He cried when we put his costume on and didn't really stop. So he didn't go trick-or-treating. The hubs took him home and G and I went up and down the street with G's BFF and her mom (one of my good friends).

By far the highlight as far as costumes was this guy, the host. I experienced immense glee notifying him that his nipple was showing.

The other highlight was drinking way too much sangria. I was one happy chica!


Lucie said...

Cute costumes! And I just love the host's costume haha!

mosey along said...

You are FAR from lame. But if you're lame, so am I so let's celebrate it!
The party host is freaking me out a bit, but a sangria would most definitely have helped.

Sara said...

"I was bummed later that we hadn't dressed up, because it might be our last Halloween here for a while." Does that mean you are coming to Chile like asap? Wow! I really missed Halloween this year. I loved the pics of the costumes. You son was especially adorable as a cranky spiderweb.

Danielle said...

Hey! I still haven't done Halloween on my blog yet. You're doing good! Love your super cute kids!!! Josh and I don't have costumes either...does that make us lame? I just don't have the gumption to do costumes for us.

Amanda said...

haha, after the chilean picnic I was quite dizzy from that red wine they kept serving me, it didn't really hit me until i got home. the worst part, though, was my tummy ache from all that candy. i had like 6 pieces.

I just got home and vegged on the couch for hours.

those costumes are adorable!