Thursday, November 12, 2009

BIG updates!

Breaking News:

The absolute most important update is that, with the addition of the clever, though occasionally snarky travel blogger at bearshapedshere to my list of Facebook friends, I have now caught up to my husband in number of online contacts. Those of you who have been in any kind of a relationship will know how important a competition like this is. I just need one more to surpass him... any offers???

I might actually need two more because there is this certain guy I had a major crush on in high school who I accepted friendship with just to satisfy that 20 year-old curiosity of what he now looks like. Curiosity satisfied! My husband is totally hotter and I am now annoyed daily by his mafia wars progress and his hyper-conservative status blatherings and want to delete him. But to keep my numbers up, I am unable to do that. Thank goodness my dream of marrying him didn't come true. We'd be in a downright pickle about now.

The fb friend number itself is nothing to brag about, mind you, we are both hanging in mid-70's, which is downright pathetic if you look at the 300+ or even 500+ fb friends of some people I know. I don't even know 300 people well enough to be fb friends. Let's just say that it is because I am very selective in who I will allow to be my friend, and not because I am lacking in some very important social graces.

So, yes, if you must know, I consider this a major accomplishment.

If you have bothered to stay around, reading my facebook drivel, I will also tell you that my other major update is that I have my dissertation defense tomorrow, Friday the 13th.

So think of me and send me lots of lucky eloquent vibes.


mosey along said...

First major update - DONE.
Second major update - I will be doing dissertation OM's (or something) all day tomorrow. Best of luck!!!!

Danielle said...

Good luck to you! I really hope it goes well. I will pray for ya :) I hope you find someone else to top off your fb friends list. No ideas coming up on who you could add...sorry.

Eileen said...

thinking of you and wishing you much eloquence! Glad to know things are going well, and so happy to help you out re: online friendship.

all thoughts on you!

Lucie said...

Ohhhh I hope you're not superstitious haha! Nothing but the best o wishes and good luck and mucho eloquence for you as you give your dissertation!

Isabel said...

Good luck today! I'm sending good thoughts your way and I also sent you friend request to help you win your competition by a long shot :)

Margaret said...

I can't believe you put the news about the Facebook competition AHEAD OF your DEFENSE DATE!!
By the time you read this, you will probably already have jumped through all the hoops and have BIG news to tell us! I'm crossing my fingers and sending very smart vibes your way!!

(and sorry I can't helo our with the Facebook thing... already a friend!)

Good luck today!
(And remember, here in Chile it's TUESDAY the 13th that's bad luck!)

Annje said...

Margaret--Tuesday the 13th--yes, that is what I told my committee when we scheduled it for that day!