Friday, November 13, 2009

Updates on my updates

So Margaret asked why I mentioned my Facebook competition before my defense. I think because saracasm and humor is my way of dealing with serious issues and pressure.

So you guys know of course that I am not REALLY in competetion for facebook friends, right? I am just being silly and a little sarcastic. (though I am totally serious about wanting to delete my irritating old crush.)

But, with that said, I did get some new facebook friends (thank you mosey and Isabel--it's an honor (or honour)-- I was already fb friends with some of you--which is also an honor) and have now surpassed my hubby, and I can't deny that it feels victorious and glorious. I'll have to rub it in later.

Though truth be told, I have now exhausted all of my facebook-friend-resources. My friend suggestions are even empty... totally empty. Facebook has got nothin' for me. My husband on the other hand has lots of friends that aren't on his fb yet--and everyone loves him... I mean everyone. And in Chile, they keep all of their friends FOREVER--he has fb friends that he went to kindergarten with. I can't even remember where I went to kindergarten.

Now that I think about it, I had better not rub it in. If I start gloating I am sure he'll look up the other 5000 people he knows and I will never catch up. So for now, I am going to bask in the glow of my temporary online popularity (haha) in silence.

Defense... what defense? Oh, you wanna know about my defense?

Ok, but first, I'll tell you that the funniest part of the whole day was the blister on my heel. I wore these shoes that I hadn't worn in a while. I am ashamed to even say that I got a blister, because these are not hot little blister-worthy shoes (is there such a thing as bister-worthy shoes?) They just aren't re-worn in this year.

By the time I walked from parking to my building (15 minutes). I had a blister and was limping, trying to stop the abrasion. I looked around in my bag and found no band-aid...the only thing I had was a pantyliner. So I sat down and put the pantyliner around my heel, inside my sock protecting the heel from further pain. It worked wonders... highly recommended... as long as you have socks on, without them it might look funny.

OK OK OK, so the defense went pretty well. Everyone signed and called me Doctor (though you don't have to quite yet). I am mostly just relieved to have it over with. I wasn't nervous at all until all of my committee members had shown up and then I got the butterflies.

A defense is not really the END end... but it is the last big task. But during the defense, there are always concessions to make and suggested revisions, so it seems anti-climactic in some ways. I have one little addition to make and a few little revisions, but I WILL graduate. YAY!!

I was worried about one committee member because he is the program director where I collected data. He was added to my committee late and I have never had a class with him, so I don't know him that well--but my study is relevant to him. At one point during the defense, it sounded like he was suggesting an addition that would involve a lot of work and I suffered a minor internal panic attack, but it turned out that it wasn't all that major.

So, there you have it. Two successes! I'll tell you when I give my dissertation to the graduate school and all is officially official and then you can call me Doctor!


Lucie said...

Yaayy! Congratulations!!! What a load off your shoulders! You have me thinking about my honors thesis defence already which I give in March. Eekk! I can't wait to have that done with! I know it's nothing compared to your big defence but still.

Just curious, what was your thesis? And what are you studying? For some reason I thought it was English though I could be wrong.

mosey along said...

I am totally calling you Doctor now. All the time. Congratulations! And as your first act as a Doctor you used your head and found a solution to your blister. If that isn't problem-solving I don't know what is.

And it is your sarcasm and humo(u)r that make me like you so much - you're an honourary Canadian.

Have a great weekend, Doctor Annje.

Margaret said...

DOC ANNJE!!! YAY!!!! Felicitaciones!
Just think of all the Facebook friends you can get NOW! (just kidding!)
But seriously, I have checked your site several times today just dying to find out the good news!
Sooooooo happy for you!
And honestly- doesn't it just sound, well, COOL? DR. Doctor, Doc, Phd (which kindas sounds like fud, so we'll skip that one for now)...
Your kids should call you Doctor Mom!

Isabel said...

Congratulations!!!! You're winning everything today :) and I definitely think you should make everyone call you Doctor right away--let them get used to it.

Enjoy your weekend, Doc!

Amanda said...


Abby said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!! I'm going to call you Doc too...:-)

Danielle said...

Great! I'm so glad it went well. What an accomplishment. I look forward to calling you Dr.
Thank goodness for panty liners! They come in pretty handy at times :)
I hope your blister gets better soon. Those hurt pretty darn bad...

Sara said...

Wait...there is no competition for facebook friends? Now you tell me! JK

Yes, blister worthy shoes do exist. I own several pairs. I just can't wear them on consecutive days. I have to space out the blisters, or wear shoes that give me blisters in different places. There is actually an entire science behind this you see...

Margaret said...

Sara! Now you see why Annje is the DOCTOR! She developed the whole blisterless shoe formula! Now that I think about it, maybe THAT'S why I never finished my PhD... it was that darned missing pantyliner data that fouled me up!
Dr. Annje- were you supposed to reveal that to the uninitiated? It's not like some masonic secret or anything?

Phoenix said...

Congrats! I just showed up to this blog (thank you for your kind comment on mine) and now I have to troll around a bit to find your post about your Facebook competition :)

Your kids are ADORABLE, by the way - cutest Halloween costumes ever!

Sara said...

I forgot to tell you congrats in my other comment! CONGRATS!

Margaret said...

Dear Dr. Annje-
It seems that now that the dissertation is finished, you have forgotten us, your loyal blog and Facebook friends!
We miss you! Please come back and share with us some new fascinating tidbit!
Or maybe PhDs no longer hang out with the initiated?
I hope you're enjoying a well-deserved break from it ALL!

Maggie May said...

you rock, Doc!!!

Anonymous said...

That's amazing! Congratulations! I'm getting all dreamy imagining being in your shoes. I remember it for my Master's - was fantastic!! Way to go. :)