Tuesday, July 13, 2010

jeepers creepers: things I won't miss

One of the things I will not miss about Texas is all of the scary stinging and biting critters. We pretty much have everything that stings or bites: snakes, scorpions, spiders, and a large variety of wasps and other stinging insects.

We live right by a fairly wild park. There is a playground, trails for hiking, biking, horseback-riding, a creek, a walking/running circuit of about 1.2 miles, etc. I will miss the park immensely; it was one of the main reasons I wanted to live in the neighborhood we live in. I knew I wouldn't run reguarly unless I didn't have to travel by car to do it. We go there at least once a day, with the kids to the playground or to throw rocks in the creek, go for bike rides or walks, and we take turns going running.

For a city park, there is quite a bit of animal life: we have seen deer, armadillos, road runners, rabbits, tons of birds--cardinals, egrets, geese, etc. We have also seen snakes. Well, I have seen them. My hubs is kind of jealous because he never seems to run into them like I do. For as much as I run at dusk, I really haven't seen that many, maybe 7 or 8 times. Some have been small, some long, but all non-venemous.

Until yesterday... when I almost stepped on one of these:

... a coral snake...My foot came down right in front of its head... but it turned back, startled, and slithered back into the bushes

It happend right after reading this article online talking about the shortage of anti-venom.



mosey said...

Whoa. Are there no creepy crawlies where you're heading, then?

Danielle said...

How scary! I don't think I could live in Texas with all the creepy things!

Heather said...

I remember when I first went to AZ to visit my parents and was introduced a whole new creature world. I actually walked right up to a gila monster and started taking pictures of it in the National Park, not realizing until I google-imaged a little later what it was and that it was totally poisonous!

Later in the trip I discovered a scorpion under my suitcase. I like the boring Midwest creatures sometimes.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I saw many creepy critters when I lived in Arizona. I'm glad I don't live near them now. I also had a Yosemite experience with a rattlesnake that still stops my heart. Three days into back country camping, very very tired, very very hot, huge pack, quickly moving down rocky switchbacks...I almost stepped on one. It was right in front of me as I turned. I could have stepped on it and been bitten so easily and we wouldn't have known what to do. Luckily I was able to stop and back up. It slithered away. We should have taken a wilderness first-aid course before that trip, but we didn't. So scary. Besides that, it was a beautiful experience.

Anonymous said...

OH dear GOD! I hate those.

I remember learning when we lived in Texas that I am really allergic to fire ants. And the worst part is that they just pop up (so to say) EVERYWHERE. ALL. THE. TIME. It sucked.