Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Expressions of discontent

My daughter has begun openly expressing her feelings of unhappiness with her parents.

She has uttered those three words that all parents hear eventually--(though they think they will never hear because they are model parents): "I hate you!"

Personally, I think if you never hear those words, you may not be setting the limits you should be setting, but that might just be to make myself feel better.

She has also taken to frowning, grumbling, wailing, and of course, the timeless favorite, the screetchy whine.

A few weeks ago, grmbling at me for some reason I can't recall, she exclaimed: "I am going to send you to the jungle! I'll help you pack your bag"

I tried very hard not to laugh and asked her who would make her waffles in the morning.

Today, upset with her papi about feeling unfairly gilted in a game of kick-the-ball-around-the-room, she quickly drew this picture and gave it to him to express her anger.

Do you see that frown? those tightly-knit brows? The message is quite clear, no?


Denise | Chez Danisse said...

"I am going to send you to the jungle! I'll help you pack your bag" -- Ha! I might use that one the next time I see my mom.

Isabel said...

I imagine it hurts when your kids get angry with you and say things they don't mean but sending you to the jungle is just hilarious! She is a clever girl and I think it's so smart of her to have an outlet (the picture). Maybe I should start doing this when people upset me...sending them to the jungle AND drawing pictures of my feelings :)

mosey said...

I think your girl and mine would get along splendidly. Mine has a few years on yours, and we get lovely handwritten notes now expressing her discontent with our parenting style. But like you, I take it as a sign I'm doing something right. At least that's what I tell myself.

Steph said...

Though no mum ever wants to hear that, it's definitely better than them NOT expressing their feelings... one of mine was headed that way and it was a hard road back. And, it waaaay beats the whiney screech :)