Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunny Sunday in the yard

It is winter in the southern hemisphere. In Santiago it gets cold at night, but during the day if the sun comes out, it can reach a decent temperature. Because of some sprinking rain we got over the weekend, the air was a bit cleaner today, the sun was out, and the sky was a bright blue. I am recovering from a cold bug, so it felt good to get some air outside.

So this was a piece of our Sunday in the yard.

G making grass angels

A sibling hug

One of the lemon trees... can you say "pisco sour"?

Our winter garden. We could only grow a few thing: baby lettuce, spinach (with some swiss chard sneaking in) onions and leeks (which have been very slow), and radishes.

Little harvest: some swiss chard that I sauted with some olive oil and garlic... and the first little radishes I picked to make room for some others--which we had in a salad with some of the baby lettuce.

Is there anything quite so divine as something you grew yourself?

I hope your Sunday was happy!


Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Nope, nothing quite so divine.

Jen said...

I know the feeling, it has been raining nonstop way down south in Valdivia, and the sun finally found its way to us over the weekend. What a pleasant surprise! Your kids are adorable, and I am envious of your garden. We have purchased our first seeds and are getting ready to plant once it warms up a little.

Eileen said...

no, there is nothing so divine! And I'm jealous. I could put in a container garden, but I won't. However, I'm available for all manner of pickling, preserving, cooking and eating! Glad you're feeling better!

Kate@FudgyGoodness said...

Hello from a fellow southern hemisphere dweller! What a lovely garden you have... very jealous! Happy Sunday ;)

Sara said...

I wish I was talented enough to garden, or had the space! I've been reading a lot about veganism and eating organic and local and it would be so much easier if I could have a garden. Someday!