Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Have I mentioned he likes to prune...?

My husband likes to prune... I mean he really likes it. He spends a lot of time pruning and re-pruning, and trimming trees and shrubs.

Sometimes it is like one of those bad jokes when you tell your hubs that you have to get ready for visitors and he starts pruning... it is a lot like that actually.

At our house we don't throw away any organic matter that will compost back into rich soil. Leaves are left to compost in the grass, and in addition to pruning the trees, he spends even more time cutting those bigger pieces into sticks and twigs that will break down and compost. So we have sticks and twigs covering lots of ground space--just think of it as a rough mulch.

We also have piles of stickes and branches in other spaces... I like this old wheel-barrow.

Remember a few months back when I made plum jam? Well, this is what is left of the plum tree.

He says it is a "drastic" pruning. Yes... drastic is one way of putting it.

We have a running bet going about whether or not it will come back in the spring. He says it will come back. I find it hard to believe I will be making plum jam again this year... or ever again. What do you think?

The funniest, weirdest thing is that he will not touch this ancient fig tree. He hasn't trimmed one little branch!

Though I think it was the only tree in the yard that desperately needed pruning.


Danielle said...

HA HA! Husbands are funny sometimes. They all have their weird little quarks! I guess we do too...

eileen said...

as it happens, fig jam is delicious. But that poor tree! It's more like an amputation. I believe it will come back sometime, but I don't know about this spring. Sad. I so enjoyed being up to my elbows in plum juice!

anymommy said...

I'm not sure that tree will survive the drasticness of the pruning? But it's good to have a hobby.

Phoenix said...

Men are very, very odd about their gardening habits... particularly when it comes to using the shears and what they deem worthy to be kept and what should be hacked away.

Odd. But hey, one less thing YOU have to do, yes? :)