Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy 18th Chile!!!

September 18th is the date when Chile celebrates its independence. They celebrate "la chilenidad" (chilean-ness) all week--las fiestas patrias. It is the favorite holiday of many Chileans.

It means:

A long weekend. We are going here.

Fondas where you drink chicha, a sweet grape-based licquor and dance the Cueca, the traditional dance of Chile. Check out Margaret's photos from last year.

LOTS of empanadas (See Emily's photos here)


Here are my little kidlets in traditional garb for their pre-school independence day celebration, dancing traditional Chilean dances.

FELICES FIESTAS PATRIAS!! Have a long, lovely, safe, food-filled weekend!


mosey (kim) said...

That sounds fun - enjoy the festivities! And I'd love to hear sometime how your two kids have adjusted to their new life and speaking a different language full-time. Has it been an easy transition?

Annje said...

Hi Mosey

I'll have to write more about that (or answer your last email... :-( But they are doing great!... more deets later.

Emily said...

Hope you had a good dieciocho! Your kids look adorable in their costumes.

Amanda said...

SO CUTE!!!!!