Saturday, April 11, 2009

Missing this Spring

Though it is definitely Spring in Texas, we are in drought. We had a bit of rain last month, but it was too little, too late--not enough to save many of the Bluebonnets. This is a picture of G, when she was just toddling about-- 2 years ago in a park near our house. The field was full of Bluebonnets, this year there are only a handfull and they are small and lackluster.

This is one of my favorite photos of G.

We have all been sick this week. Baby Nico, then me, now the hubby. If G gets it, I may have a minor breakdown.

This is as close to an "Easter" post as we are going to get. In all honesty I don't "do" Easter--no dyed eggs, no new dresses. G did it at pre-school (daycare) and that is enough. However, we have been hiding and finding her stache of plastic eggs, just for fun, (and it is FUN!--can't wait to do it again after her nap.)


anymommy said...

That's funny - I don't do Easter either (was raised Jewish and I just don't get into it), but we hid plastic eggs this morning too. They were all empty with a few ping pong balls thrown into some for prizes.

Kids LOVED it. We'll be doing it every day for weeks I have a feeling.

That picture is gorgeous.

moseyalong said...

Stunning photo. It's pure spring! I must admit, I'm too lazy to make a big deal over the various holidays, especially once they get to school age and want token celebrations for EVERYTHING - even St. Patrick's Day. Who's got the time or the energy?