Friday, June 19, 2009

Ah, Friday night...

Have you noticed that no one blogs on Friday night (or Sunday)?

When I am home with the kids, Saturday morning is very much like other mornings, therefore Friday night is very much like other nights. This Friday night is very much like most Friday nights: my man is falling asleep on the sofa, cudding with G as she watches a few minutes of one of her movies. I am catching up on some of my blog reading (catching up?...haha, that's funny-- I read blogs all the time.) I've got a small (ish) glass of a Chilean Cabernet (We always drink Chilean wine--we are very loyal winos.)

All is well in the world... well, mostly well. I do have a couple itches to scratch... or whatever an appropriate phrase here might be.

I have one literal itch: I got bitten by a couple of fire ants yesterday. I used to like ants as a child--I made my own ant farm, I fed them sugar and watched fascinated as they carried it down the little tunnels they had made in the glass jar. I am no longer a friend to ants. I hate them. I am convinced that all ants in Texas are fire ants and no entymologist can persuade me otherwise. These ants are not big or red or mean looking. They look like regular tiny ants. When they bite you can barely feel it... but as the day progresses, the bites start swelling and hurting, then during the wee hours of the night you are constantly awakened by the burning sensation and the overwhelming desire to scratch like a mad-woman. Scratching brings a momentary relief that is both orgasmic and slightly painful, but the minute you stop,it burns like the dickens. My foot is swollen and red and I am irritated with the insect world.

My metaphorical itch is to get some painting done. I have a friend down the street who has painted each room in her house (bigger than mine even) no fewer than 4 or 5 times (no joke) to find just the right shade of green or brown. This makes me feel like a huge loser/slacker because we have lived here for 3 YEARS and I have painted exactly one small room--once--even though it was a much brighter shade of green than I had imagined. In my defense I will say this:

1) I do not have a decorator's gene. I do want colors that I like, but not to really make the perfect room--that takes way more money and time and thought than I have to dedicate to home decor. I don't even decorate a "nursery" for my babies... WAY too much effort.

2)There were other arguments in my defense, but I have forgotten--so now you can just think I am lame and lazy.

Most of the rooms are painted in colors I can at least live with (even if the paint jobs are shoddy--which annoys the crap out of me--because if you are going to paint a room, can't you at least do a good job or leave extra paint so the new home-owners can at least do the touching-up you were too lazy to do?). But the two rooms that really needed painting--needed it everywhere (closets and trim--which is a royal pain--because there is carpet). So I painted G's room because it had the worst paint job/colors I have ever seen. But it was painstaking... (and there was hardly anything in there because we were just moving her out of the crib room.)

The other room is the master bedroom--which is supposed to be your sanctuary or some such nonsense. You can just take that to mean it is not a sanctuary. For starters it is an awful lilac color. No offense to you, of course, if you agonized over exactly which shade of lilac to paint your own sanctuary... but lilac is not my color of choice. The doors and trim--adding insult to injury is a nasty beige color--not even a light and fluffy cream color that you could live with--it has to go. The window treatment left by the previous owners consists of forest green blinds and then kind of mauve-ish curtains with an beige flower pattern--atrocious right?

I refuse to post a picture, I am too embarrassed that I have lived in here for three years. I probably won't even post an after picture because I'll still have crappy hand-me-down furniture and all my dissertation material (gathering dust) in here. Well, maybe one wall, but we'll see...

The effort to move all of the furniture (some of it very heavy) in order to paint-walls, closet, bathroom (all lilac) plus the doors and trim (taping all the carpet down) seems so monumental that I have a mini-breakdown just thinking about it. But I have to get it painted... as soon as I finish my blog post--haha.

No, actually, I started painting last night, and I have exactly one door jamb painted.

I'll be done in no time.


Sara said...

Ooooh! Fire ants! I feel your pain! I lived in Texas for a while and because I was a little kid, it would always be ME who would find the new fire ant hills. FUN...

I'm really glad that for the most part( araña del rincón aside) Chile doesn't have insects that bite and sting.

Danielle said...

Hey, you read pioneer woman too? What a coincidence. I just found her 2 days ago. Love her photography stuff.
I can't imagine being bitten by fire ants. Sounds horrible! I hate most insects!
Good luck painting. It can be a really big pain. Put on some good music, wear a bandana, and pretend to be macho. That's what helps me. I don't love to paint, but I love to decorate. The end result is usually worth it too. Also remember that painting is the cheapest way to turn a room around. And consider re-positioning the furniture or eliminating some of it. Good luck.
Maybe you can wipe the dust off of your dissertation stuff too...

mosey along said...

I too have noticed that blogging is light on weekends - that's where I do most of mine, and I resent the fact that everyone else obviously doesn't take my blog-reading needs into account.

For your literal itch, just happened to see this post the other day:
no picnic

You are the queen of the closing one-liner - always sure to make me sputter my tea out my nose. Are you sure you're not Canadian? Your sarcasm is so right up my alley...

Oh wait... you *were* being sarcastic, right? ;)

anymommy said...

My Fridays are ordinary and boring too. Husband works on Saturdays, same old, same old. Also, in your defense, no painting would ever happen in my house if same husband didn't do it for me. All I have to do is pick the color and make damn sure I like it! Good luck.