Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sweet Sunday and my Secret Power Wish

Mosey and I are breaking all the blogging rules and posting on the weekend. Who needs family time, I have all week for that. No one else will read our posts, but I feel a little more rebellious and adventurous anyway.

I was painting much of the day yesterday. My husband was a little annoyed because he wanted to do some caulking and sealing and securing of wood on the outside of the house which we are prepping to paint as well. He claims that we had agreed to paint the outside first, as it "is more important." I remember no such thing, and he is the infamous one with no memory, if you remember.

We need to paint the outside too, but with all the prep work, the power-washing and paint-buying that needs to be done first, we won't be opening a paint can for a few weeks. I want to do something that will give me visible results NOW... and I can't stand our room for one more second.

One bonus to moving things around to paint is that you get to clean all of the dust bunnies behind and under furniture that you haven't moved for a while (ok, ok, since we moved in).

All this painting has made me realize what my wish for a secret power would be. I don't want to read other people's thoughts--I don't really think that would help improve human relations very much. I had considered becoming elasti-girl, it might be fun to be kind of bendy, but let me assure you that power would not be put to good use. I have seen and read other interesting powers but now I am convinced that my secret power would be to be able to look at a color card in the paint section of any hardware store and to intuitively visualize exactly what it would look like, DRY, on the room it is intended for. Wouldn't that be useful? Who needs to be bendy anyway?

We decided on a brown-ish color for the room--I am sorry, we are boring that way, we like earthy colors, and what is more earthy than brown? (don't say lilac!--I don't care if it is a flower, it is not classified as earthy) The first two colors we sampled were way too dark--and our room is small and dark anyway (can you say sanctuary?) they were both also sort of purpl-ish. The color now is lilac and I do NOT want a darker-browner purple color. On the color card they both looked TOTALLY brown.

So then I tried a lighter brown from a different hue line. It looked totally light brown on the card--but on the wall it looked grayish-brownish. We were willing to live with it to not sample any more colors and because we are really not ALL that picky--just not lilac anymore, thanks. However, as fate would have it, when I went to get the cans of paint I took a giant leap of faith and decided to go with something of a similar shade but slightly less gray. I bought 2 gallons without sampling it first--I am kind of wild that way--which is actually how my daughter ended up with a blindingly bright green room--but whatever--she likes it.

So I got home and started painting and I am like "CRAP!! I don't like it." I had already bought the paint so I thought, I am painting it anyway. But after it dried, I loved it, especially with the white trim (which, have I mentioned?... is a pain to paint)

This is what it looks like:

I am making progress. I have about 1/3 of the room painted. The rest involves moving furniture, which I will need help with, unless I change my secret power to moving things with my mind.

Can you guess who is going to complain about wasting precious caulking time?


mosey along said...

I like the earthy neutrals - they're so easy to accessorize with punches of color. Looks great. And I'm all for more immediate gratification (as opposed to finishing a project weeks in the future....)

Danielle said...

Oooo! It's beautiful! I love it too! It looks like the color of my dining room. (which is a good thing) And what lovely trim! It's a perfect contrast and so well done! Good job!
Have fun doing the outside. Bleck! I hate outside work. Too many spiders/bugs.
As usual, you make me laugh. And I post/read blogs occasionally on the weekend. After all it's not a true weekend for me. Nothing changes except that Josh is home and sometimes we go to dinner at his moms and go to church. I still have to cook, clean, take care of Mckayla.

Sara said...

Terrific super power. What would mine be? hmmm... I think it would be to have bendable bones. That way no matter how full the metro or micro was I could always fit. TA DA!

PS. I like the color brown.