Sunday, August 9, 2009

My New(ish) toy

I am not one to keep up with the newest gadgets, I am simple that way. But, a while back I finally broke down and bought my first ipod (ever!). I got tired of feeling like such an old-timer. I knew what they were and how they worked and all, it just took me years to finally accept that I NEED one. Well, not really need, but whatever...I had really only imagined using one for exercise purposes: going to the gym and going running.

I could have lasted years, actually, without buying one myself. Yet as luck would have it, my husband bought me one for Valentine's Day. It was fancy enough, you could even have watched videos on the teeny-tiny screen (if you have your reading glasses on). Our neighbor friends, however, showed me their ipod classic--with a slightly bigger screen and told us how much fun they have watching downloaded TV shows in bed at night.

So I took back my humble ipod and saved the money. On Mother's Day I told my hubs not to buy me a present I was going to upgrade my ipod to a classic. But I still hadn't bought it yet.

Then, when my father-in-law was visiting and looking into gifts for his other kids, I volunteered to research the kindle as a possible gift for my brother-in-law. As I was looking into it, I saw that there was a kindle app for the iphone and itouch--which allows you to download kindle books onto your igadget.

So I knew what I had to do: as our anniversary neared, I told my hubs: "don't get me a gift, I am going to upgrade to an itouch (I don't want an iphone).

Of course, then we had to get a wireless router so I could get on the web. I got my free kindle app, which I, naturally, have not used (I will though). I subscribed to a bunch of nerdy NPR podcasts and uploaded a bunch of my music from my archaic CDs. My hubs takes it to the bathroom and spends an eternity in there watching youtube videos.

I got an arm-band so I can take it running. My hubs makes fun of me though. One day we went running mid-morning so I wore sunglasses (which I don't normally do while running). He said with the ipod and the glasses, all I was missing was a cocktail. I am not sure that would improve my run though.

Then, he imitates me running, like I have a big weight on my arm. The itouch is pretty big, and I just confessed how small I am... so it must look like I am running with a small laptop taped to my arm...

I thought I would express my favorite moments with my new toy in the form of mastercard commercials:

Commercial A:

Itouch: XXX dollars

New app for DH: 5 dollars

Nightly TETRIS competition in bed: FREE (and hilarious)

Beating my husband at the only video game he loves because my fingers are smaller and more agile: PRICELESS!

(note: in humility I must confess that I would not be able to beat him at Tetris on any other apparatus)

Commercial B:

Itouch: XXX dollars

A few new songs for my running playlist: 6 dollars

Running at the park: free (but HOT)

Running the first 2 miles in 8.15 (per mile) rather than 9.30 because I am listening to Lady Gaga: PRICELESS


Danielle said...

I'm jealous! Have fun with your new laptop...I mean ipod. I'm glad you finally got some tech to enjoy. I have a cheap little mp3 player that I love and it gets the job done. I check out books on cd from the library and put them on there. Works great.

Eileen said...

though you wouldn't think it, due to my recent anti-stuff rant, I wish you a hearty congratulations. Sounds like it's making you really happy, and that's fun. Plus anything that gets people out running is okay with me! (not that you needed me to approve!)