Tuesday, January 5, 2010


It is almost a waste of money to buy toys for kids... at least for mine.

G, after playing with every play kitchen, everywhere we go, was given a little kitchen for Christmas. It has been played with very little, and without excesses of enthusiasm.

However, when papi came home with this foam tubing for insulating the pipes for our upcoming hard freeze, they played for hours and had a blast. We even had to cut it in half to end the bickering over who was going to hold it.

When we play outside they abandon all wagons, carts, push toys, trikes, balls, swings and throw little red berries down the driveway... ALL AFTERNOON. I was worried at first, that the little berries might be poisonous and Nico might eat some... but then I remembered he would never ingest anything we call "berry" since he doesn't do fruit.

Also entertaining this week: saying "coco" 500 billion times a day back and forth to each other. They say it to each other at the dinner table instead of eating: G--"coco" (hahahaha) Nico--"coco" (hahaha). It is mildy amusing up until "coco" number 150 million, anything after that is just repetitive.


Phoenix said...

LOL kids are like pets that way - spend a ton of money on a toy, Not Interested.

Put down a piece of paper or plastic tube, Totally Fascinating!

I also don't understand why people buy designer clothes for their kids. That's a whole other issue of confusion for me. Why Baby Gap? Why? They're just going to throw up spaghetti all over it!

PS I changed my comments setting so I think you can leave comments again. Go ahead and give it a whirl when you get a chance :)

Sara said...

I agree with Phoenix. I don't have kids but I have one very picky cat. He doesn't like mice, or things that are shiny, or have bells or even feathers. Nope. But he gets a real kick out of boxes and tissue paper. Tissue paper. Now that's what I think of when I think of FUN.

Margaret said...

I LOVE the picture! You can just hear the laughter! You've got some very cool kids there! (And I wonder what's going through their little minds when they think "coco"!!)

Lou said...

Ha ha! So true! Of the things I remember from my childhood, my friends and sister and I had the most fun with imaginary things and things that were typically part of the house or yard ha ha!

mosey along said...

As my grandmother always said "they don't need toys! Give 'em a wooden clothes peg and they'll be happy!"

Danielle said...

I love to read about the day to day goings on in your life. You make it so funny! You just have a way with words. I wish I did ;)

Eileen said...

they sound terribly fun, and completely normal. That foam stuff is fun! bring some for me!

see you soonish!