Friday, January 8, 2010

The Fantasy List

At the Christmas Day dinner with our friends, we were talking about “the list.” You know that list of hot celebrities that your significant other has graciously agreed to allow you to engage with in amorous diversion, should the occasion miraculously present itself.

They had been talking about the list when they went home to visit their families. They had asked a sister’s husband about his list. He said there was a girl who sat in front of him in Spanish class who was pretty hot.

I am guessing that he didn’t understand the rules. I am not sure exactly how it works, but I am pretty sure it has to be someone you would never really have a chance at convincing to play.

So, our friends… the wife, M, had gotten a little loopy earlier in the week muttering some obscene insults about Selma Hayek to her husband, J. Come to find out, Selma is on his list and M had just seen a photo of her on the computer, in her 40-something-year-old glory, looking all voluptuous and sexy.

So we talked for a minute how the list works and whether M would just let J run off with Selma, if Selma should be so inclined. M said, “Yeah, go for it J (encouraging him). I’d love the time to myself.” I wondered aloud if J would have to take the kids with him, of course, I am sure Selma has nannies.

So I asked my hubs who was on his list. He just shook his head and chuckled. So I said: “come on! what are you afraid of?… that you’d wake up with her name carved in your chest?

Nah, really…I am pretty sure there are people he thinks are good-looking, but I am also pretty sure he doesn’t have a “list”. I don’t have a list either, actually, or the desire to make a list. I really don’t care about celebrities.

So now I am curious…I am sure these lists are not really all that serious, but even that people have that fantasy is so interesting. So, how common are these lists? Do you and your other have a list? Who is on it? Or do you have a secret list? Or are you not into that kind of fantasy?


mosey along said...

No one I know has a list (or has admitted to one). I don't think I have the energy (or interest) required to even think about assembling a list. Maybe when I was 22, but I just can't be bothered in all honesty.

Annje said...

I don't have the energy/interest either, and the realist that I am doesn't get the whole point of even imagining such a scenario...but I have heard at least 3 of these kinds of conversations in the past 3 months.

Abby said...

I've heard of this a lot. I have a secret list with one person on it: Christian Bale. I'm pretty sure if I asked my boyfriend he'd have a list too, but it would be much longer. Maybe that's why I haven't asked...

Hmmm, I guess my list isn't so secret anymore...haha.

Sara said...

Whoa. I don't have a list and I don't think my boyfriend does, or at least he hasn't told me. An ex did tell me and I despised every woman who looked like Avril Lavigne after that. Oh then he cheated on my with a girl who looked like Avril Lavigne. So I'm not really into this whole "list" thing.

Phoenix said...

I think this concept was made popular by the TV show friends, where Ross makes a list of celebrities he'd like to get with, crosses Isabella Rossellini off list at the last minute, laminates the list in his wallet, then runs into Isabella Rossellini at a coffee shop. "You're on my celebrity list!" he exclaims. She asks him to show her...but of course he'd just cut her off the list. Chaos and humor ensues.

As someone who lives in Hollywood and sees/works with famous people, and has a boyfriend who does the same, it's NOT a good idea to make a list. You might actually run into these people, and things can get awkward fast. That's why if I ever made a list, I'd just put dead hot poets on it. BAM, problem solved.