Tuesday, January 19, 2010

G: a series of faces

Funny, sweet, and surprisingly stubborn (we have no idea where that comes from).

She is at this stage (is it a stage?) where she talks incessantly... I mean nonstop chatter. It is mostly entertaining, but it does get in the way of everything else she needs to do, because apparently this isn't an age of multi-tasking. I can't even count how many times a day I say:

G, stop talking and eat
G, stop talking and get dressed
G, stop talking and climb into your carseat
G, stop talking and get out of the car
G, stop talking and finish your lunch
G, stop talking and lie down
G, stop talking and go potty
G, stop talking and put your shoes on
G, stop talking and eat your dinner (like 10 times)

Her talking incessantly makes me talk incessantly.


mosey along said...

What a talented girl. It's not everyone who can do that one-eye-crossed thing AND still look utterly beautiful.

When she's talking incessantly does she also move constantly? Mine still can't carry on a conversation without jumping from the couch to the floor to the coffee table to the window to.... to....

Abby said...

precious! i love the one with the eyes crossed. i used to loooooove to do that when i was a kid. and i never believed anyone who told me my eyes would get stuck that way.

Danielle said...

She is SO pretty! You must be proud! I love that she talks all the time. I bet it's very intertaining most of the time.

Phoenix said...

lol what a cutie! You've got one very expressive, adorable little girl on your hands :)

Kyle said...

How adorable! And when I saw the picture, at first I actually thought that you were going to say it was you when you were little!

Maggie May said...

oh MY. my daughter is seven and talks ALL the TIME. i SO get it.
and she is gorgeous no matter what face she is making/