Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sisters... a rant

I have sisters. Four of them. Generally speaking, I love them, but many times I want to shake them... really really hard (and say "What the hell are you thinking?")

The youngest lives near me. I rarely see her. We talk on the phone every few weeks and inevitably end up arguing. She is probably the second most infuriating human being in my life, right after my mother.

She is so irrational and very little she says makes sense...

One day she'll say: "You were practically my mom, you raised me" (I wasn't, even practically, and I didn't--though I did babysit a lot, and pick her up from daycare)

The next day she'll say: "You weren't even around when I was little, I don't even remember you when I was growing up."

...and she argues with everything I say, even when I am talking about my own life (an area in which I am undeniably an expert).

She: "You always got straight As"

Me: "No, not really"

She: "Yes, you did"

Me: "No, REALLY, I didn't"

She: "Whatever, you SO did."

and on and on, it doesn't matter what it is about...

I talked to her this morning and I am still furious. No one, besides my mom, can push my bottons like that... all of them, all at once, and repeatedly.

I called my husband to vent...

He said: "Man, they have that power over you."

Yes, they do. I hate it. How do I make it stop?

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