Wednesday, December 31, 2008

For a Happy New Year Chilean* style…

… do the following at midnight:

  • wear yellow underwear—you will find love in the new year (in other countries you wear different colors (i.e. red) and inside out and/or backwards—which can’t be comfortable.)

  • carry a suitcase around the block—you will travel (here you will look like a fruitcake, but no matter--no public embarrassment--no exotic travel destinations [lady luck is strict that way])

  • eat lentils—for good luck

  • eat 12 grapes—for good luck

  • do something or other with money—for economic prosperity. (I can’t remember what to do with it—you don’t eat it, this I know… you put it in your shoe or under your bed or something—I’ll let you choose.)

Whatever you eat, whatever you wear, may you have a lovely 2009 full of good love, good luck, and good fortune (travel is optional).

*Disclaimer: Most of these traditions do not originate in Chile, and similar versions are practiced in other Spanish-speaking countries.

1 comment:

Jenners said...

Oh that was a cool post! I'm going to have to try and do those next year. I think I would have to drag the suitcase around the block in the middle of the night when it is dark.

Could you picture getting stopped by cops or something? Well, officer, I am trying to improve my New Year's travel prospects by taking this suitcase around the block in the middle of the night. Want to see my yellow underwear?

thanks for sharing! I love stuff like this. Better than my dad's thing of eating fish first thing in the new year!