Monday, December 1, 2008

Should it stay or should it go?

Let me start out by saying that, like most women on the planet, after having a baby, (or two in this case).... I am..... shall we say.... hmmm...... unhappy with my post-partem body (can I still say post-partem, 9 months later? I can, right?).

I think a lot of women who have had kids would be very annoyed with me for complaining, because, I know, from an objective standpoint, I don't have it all that bad--I am small to begin with, I didn't gain that much weight--in fact the "recommended" 30-35 pounds (though you wouldn't have thought that to see me preggers--because I am so small, I looked HUGE--in fact one Mexican acquaintance we have, kept asking me: "WOW, how much have you gained? Were you this big with G?--I kid you not, he said this, or a variation of it, to my face, on more than one occasion--finally I threatened to cry and make him look like the A$$ that he is (cry or go for the jugular with my bare hands)

Anyway... After G, my first one, I looked virtually the same, but the second one has been different. I lost MOST of the weight, except maybe..... the last "few" (that is such a vaguely relative quantity) pounds that have just refused to budge and then for some reason, after the second one, my body is just NOT the same, and it is, to put it lightly, DEPRESSING AS ALL F-ING HELL!

So, I try not to gripe about it too much, because if there is anything I have learned as a petite woman, it's that no one else wants to hear a petite person complain about weight or body issues etc.

So, I was complaining a while back to my sweet sensitive husband who has to listen to me (can you feel what is coming next?) about my disdain for the post-baby body.......

He: You're not fat, but... Have you seen your butt?

(I kid you not, you think I could make this stuff up?
I told you Spanish-speakers were blunt about body stuff)

Me: (grrrrr) ummmm..... YEEEEESSSSS!?!?!?............... yes, as a matter of fact I have. Yes! That's an affirmative!

(he hears the murderous tone in my voice--hard to miss)

He: No, I mean, it's just rounder.

Me: you mean "round" like FAT?

He: No, you're not fat (doesn't hurt to repeat that, right?), it's just rounder... It's cute. I like it.

(hmm, Dilemma: do I still kill him?)

So, should I still try to lose it, or should I keep it--you know, because I am selfless and I want to make him happy? (HaHa! I act like I have even have a choice... can you say DENIAL?)

I could, of course, go ON and ON. . . but no one likes a whiner....

Ahhh... Life is funny

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Aly @ Lip Zip said...

You can say "post-partem body" 9 months later because, if you don't, I'm in trouble for saying "post-partem body" 2 years later! I weigh 10 pounds less than I did before getting pregnant but things are just shaped differently now. The condition the stork left me in is just off a little bit! Exercise would fix some things but I'm allergic to it (self-diagnosed, of course). :-)