Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wanna play?

I am tense, way too tense. Our closing was postponed. I don't want to be a bummer and write about all my frustrations, so just cross your fingers for us that it closes or my screaming fit of rage might be heard in all corners of the globe (though corners makes it sound like its a cube, not a sphere).

So to dispel the tension, I am going to play a game with my two readers... are you ready?

It is a game I had as a teenager, and I loved it. It is called Abstracts. It was only sold during 1990. I had it, but have no idea where it is now. So I found it on amazon. Isn't amazon amazing?

The game goes like this. There are a bunch of cards with three items: person/place/thing. I will choose one and tell you what category it belongs to.

There are clue cards in the form of a question: if you were a _____ what would you be?

I answer the question based on the person/place/thing I have chosen. The idea is to give you hints as to what the answer is, but without using any part of the word/name in it.

Some are harder than others, some questions are easier to answer, and some clues are more helpful than others.

If anyone gets excited about it, maybe I'll do a series. You'll get a point for each correct guess and the first person to get to five points will get a prize (think small and cheap). I don't know what it is yet, I am waiting for inspiration and it might depend on who wins. If you are my US reader, I'll either mail it to you; if you are my reader in Chile, I'll bring it to Chile for you.

Are you ready?

ok. It's a place

The first question is: If you were a song, what would you be?

Clue: Amarillo by Morning

Ok, Guess!!

(One guess per person, per clue. If no one guesses by tomorrow morning, I'll post another clue and you can try again.)


Aaron said...


Stephanie said...

the sun

Abby said...

i also guess Texas

Aaron said...

I'm disappointed with the lack of instant gratification in finding out if I am right or not. Who's running this damn thing? j/k

mosey said...

I'm horrible at guessing games. I'm going to be a wuss and see how this one plays out...

Bex said...

Okay, I am already really bad at this. I think I need to hear the answer before I really get how it works...

Sorry to hear your closing's been delayed. But I'm sure it will all turn out well!

Sarah said...

San Antonio