Monday, November 24, 2008

Confession # 2

I broke down the other night and confessed to my husband...





I do not brush the full two minutes with my sonicare..

You know those sonicare toothbrushes right?

They look like this...

and cost up to $100

They have a built-in timer. My husband's beeps every 30 second so he knows to change quadrants (one of 4 sections of teeth). Mine is a cheaper model and just turns off after 2 minutes after wandering aimlessly around in my mouth with no sense of direction.

(BTW:They are great toothbrushes. . . if you like it a little rough. They don't provide a "traditional" brushing motion, they just vibrate like crazy. They are also not like manual brushes in that you cannot let go at any minute (too heavy) to finish your blog post and you can't open your mouth unless you want to power-wash the entire bathroom. I secretly think that they clean well at first and then your plaque gets smarter and morphs into vibration-resistant plaque and you are back to square one.)

All of you who have brushed your teeth will know that two minutes is a LONG time to brush teeth--even if that is the recommended time allotment. I say: "Who says they aren't clean enough after 1:30 or 1:45?" I am an impatient person. I am also a "git in and gitter done" kind of gal. I could use those extra seconds to do something more exciting than brushing: like flossing or blogging.

This was like blasphemy to my dear hubby's ears. He takes teeth-brushing very seriously. He used to brush his teeth for about 30 minutes--I kid you not!!! It used to drive me nuts--it makes for a very long bedtime ritual. THEN..... he was diagnosed with periodontis--which is a step or two worse then gingivitis. Gingivitis always sounded to me like you had dirty teeth, and may be that is one cause, I don't know, but for my husband it was quite the opposite.

He brushed for so long (and presumably too hard) that his gums had receded in absolute terror from his teeth, leaving his teeth exposed and in danger (no need to be alarmed!!, he had a very fun surgery on all four gum quadrants and is being treated--well not anymore actually, we don't have dental insurance now and have no money for luxuries like teeth-cleaning--but he was improving).

He: "So what do you do?"

Me: "I turn it off when I get bored"

He: (gasp--look of horror--can find no words)

Two minutes is just a lot of committment and I don't like to be tied down. . . well to teeth-brushing anyway.

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Aly @ Lip Zip said...

Mine has a built-in timer too and when I first got it I was obedient and waited for the 2 minute sign I was done. Now I stop when I get bored too. 2 minutes is a long time when you're just standing there!