Sunday, November 2, 2008

"The Faithful"??? . . . . . . . my arse!

So I saw this headline on my msn home page "The Faithful Hoping for a Miracle" (or something like that) and clicked on it to check it out. Of course it is about the sad Republican conservative right-wingers who can feel defeat in the air. . . but you know what really pissed me off? .....(suspense)...

Hijacking the term "faithful". . . let me tell you, a lot of us faithful have long been hoping for a miracle and it's not the miracle implied in this article. . . it's the miracle of finally seeing something that's not old and white (though granted he's male--that's one strike) in the White House.

The article explained how the religious right was praying for a pro-life advocate / gay-marriage opponent to win the Presidential race.

This is my question: How many minutes of the average day at the office do you think the president, of any persuasion, actually dedicates to abortion and the sanctity of marriage?

My guess is not many...

My advice then, is to put someone in the White House who is going to spend the remaining minutes of the day doing more than protecting big money.

And values. . . what ever happened to that good, old-fashioned "Christian" ethic of helping those in need: the hungry, the sick, the poor.

Why is it that the basic premise of Christianity, the life's work of Jesus, is always so absent from the political platform of the religious right????

just my two cents


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