Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things I have learned this week...

* Going jogging, while pushing two kids in a double jogging stroller is
HAAAA--AARRD! Especially if it is windy.

If you have never had this distinct pleasure you should try it immediately

(Truth be told, it can hardly be called jogging at the pace I go pushing 80 pounds in a sailboat)

** I don't care what kind of puppy the Obamas are bringing to the White House (though I do like the Obamas).....................

***I don't care who bought Palin's wardrobe nor how much it cost (though I was no fan of Palin's)

**** A toddler will throw a crying-screaming-kicking-rock-throwing tantrum when it is time to leave the park if and only if there are other moms and kids around. It's like they have this innate sense that you don't want to be seen as the mother of "one of those kinds of kids" so they think you'll back down. (don't worry I didn't)

oh and Madagascar 2 is not NEARLY as good as the first one.

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