Friday, November 28, 2008

When does it happen?

So, I was sitting here at the computer this morning, innocently looking at some pictures we took yesterday at the Thanksgiving dinner with my husband's boss, and all of the sudden I was dumbstruck.... with HORROR. When, in the name of all that is sweet and holy, did I start looking so OLD??? (I'm sorry, that needed more than one question mark, that needs some full-on interrogation)

I am glad that the term for the wrinkles around the eye--you know-- "crow's feet" is already plural. Because "Crow's foot" doesn't even come near to describing the masses of lines I have collected over the years--it takes a whole murder of crows for that (did you know that is what a flock of crows is called?) and I would hate to think they had to invent the plural term just for me.

I really thought it was mostly just the crow's feet... and a few age spots... and laugh lines, you know because life is just so darn funny......

..... that is, until I decided to talk to my sweet, considerate, sensitive husband...

I asked him if he thought that too when he looked at himself in photos

He: It's the bags under the eyes...

Me: you mean yours?

He: No, you too...

Me: WHAAAAAT? I never thought mine were that bad, I thought I just had the crow's feet...

He: (shakes head in pity; look on face says "oh yeah you've got bags lady, so big they wouldn't pass as a "carry-on")

Ahh, he's sweet!

(He is Chilean though, Spanish-speakers tend to be brutally blunt about bodily realities--
oh the stories I could tell you--in another post.......)

I'm sure you're thinking by now that I am going to show you one of the pictures that made me have this age-crisis, but I am most assuredly NOT!

But here is one we might call "baby in fall leaves"

Trust me it's best to leave you with the sweet taste of youth (which I'll never get back again-sob sob wail). You'll sleep better!

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