Monday, November 24, 2008

What is it about a piñata?

What is it about a piñata..........
that just screams PAR-TAY?
Saturday was G's 3rd birthday... I can't believe it baby is three .
G: "I'll turn five later"
M: "Yes, honey, now you are three, you'll turn five later"
So we had a big party (I am exhausted!) three-year-old style. We live in the Southwest and G has already had some experience with Mexican-style parties (the daycare she went to for a while was run by two Mexican señoras). We have a bi-cultural family with "latino" flair (my husband is from Chile (notice the T-shirt with a "chile" on it--haha get it? Chile-chile (though Chilean cuisine is NOT spicy) sadly though , piñatas are not all that common in Chile)))
Anyway..... we had to have a piñata because my daughter LOVES them. She walks around singing the piñata song from time to time, hitting an imaginary one with her imaginary "palo" (stick).
I sent the husband to the Mexican side of town to get a "REAL" piñata--he is the latino, he should do the piñata dealings-don't you agree? He came home with a giant Nemo (and this was the small one!) and 10 pounds of candy (the parents were all SO happy!) and one big bag of confetti that is now all over our back lawn.
To make a short story long, the piñata was a huge success, though it took the kids nearly an hour (not really) to pick up TEN pounds of bite-size candy--chomping happily along the way--well we had to keep them occupied somehow!

more to come later.....

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