Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I already voted! Aren't you jealous (probably not, that doesn't really warrant jealousy) I voted almost two weeks ago. It would be romantic, ideally, to go out on Election Day and stand in line for hours (possibly), but... alas... I have two small children under three and so it would most assuredly be, decidedly NOT romantic for everyone else to watch me wrangle two bored (possibly hungry, probably tired) kids. ("Please hold my place in line while I catch my 3 year-old" "Please hold my place in linewhile I change the baby's poopy diaper".. . yeah, maybe not)

So I exercised my right to vote early.

Some jerks I know aren't even going to vote. WHAT is up with that? What are you going to tell your kids when they are studying the single most important (to this point) election of our time and they ask you who you voted for in the historic election of 2008 and you say...????? What could you possible say to save yourself in their eyes except that you were in a coma...

Some other jerks say: "No matter who you vote for, just get out and vote!" Yeah, ok, I understand the underlying message. . . but it does matter who you vote for. So get out and vote for OBAMA!!!!

What is wrong with the rest of you? (Do you really want to tell your kids that you voted for another old white guy--yeah that's a change we can believe in! whatevah)

I like to think that I don't belong to any particular political party, that I am a rugged independent, but really, if I am to be honest with myself, I am Democrat to the core. You can call me anything you want: flaming liberal, socialist (and I'll just call you a bible-thumpin' redneck or capitalist-tax-evading a$$, right back) but I will always vote for social justice: education and healthcare for all. a more equitable distribution of wealth (ALL existing data has shown that capitalism cannot and will not, do that by itself--SHOCKING!!! yes? trickle-down theory my arse!) and no tax breaks or loopholes for the filthy rich.

Voting strategy: Vote Democrat where possible--when not possible vote for a woman--when not possible, vote anything but Republican

(this strategy should NOT surprise you if you have read any of my previous posts--which of course you haven't, you aren't even reading this one, because no one reads my blog--which is, of course, precisely how I planned it)

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